We are ALWAYS looking for new, qualified, and customer-service-oriented individuals to add to our team at Adventure Apparel. We are looking for both part-time (minimum of 20 hours per week) and full time employees, offering paid vacations among other benefits. We also hire seasonal employees for the summer and winter seasons.


We are currently looking for employees at both of our locations in Anchorage. 


Applicants should have excellent customer service skills, always greeting customers and maintaining a pleasant and helpful attitude as well as a neat, clean appearance at all times. Attention to detail, punctuality, honesty and professionalism are personality traits required of all our employees.

Applicant must exhibit common sense at all times and excellent problem solving abilities. Excellent written and verbal communication skills with management, co-workers and customers are crucial.

Responsibilities include operating a Point of Sale Cash Register, fax and copier. Some familiarity with operating a computer is required. Duties include receiving, pricing, tagging, stocking and straightening merchandise as well as continuous cleaning and maintenance of the store and the displays to the highest level of neatness and visual appeal. The ability to create beautiful visual displays including outfitting and dressing mannequins is essential. This is not a sit down job and applicant must be able to lift fifty pounds.

Management may be required to open and close the store, make deposits, oversee inventory and back stock, produce schedules, purchase needed supplies, oversee special orders and communicate daily with the Owners. You must be able to take direction well and comply with Owners wishes as it relates to operating and maintaining the store.

Wage scale begins at $12.00 to $18.00 per hour. Salary increases will depend on proven ability to work independently, to work as a team player and the ability to perform management’s assigned projects and daily tasks efficiently and effectively.

At least two years of college education is preferred. Criminal record background checks are conducted on all acceptable applicants. Abuse of Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco is not tolerated.


If interested in employment, download our online application and either email it to mvsports@acsalaska.net or bring it into either store!